The Committee

Matlock Pre-School Playgroup is a Registered Charity and is run by a volunteer parent committee and we invite all our parents/carers to join our team. Volunteering to be part of your pre-school’s parent-run committee offers an ideal opportunity for you to become more actively and practically involved in this aspect of your child’s life. It will also give you an insight into how our setting is managed.

The three main roles on the Committee are Chair, Treasurer and a Secretary, we also have Fundraisers, Website Manager and Publicity Officer helping with all aspects of committee work. The tasks can be shared between different parents, so all the work need not fall on any one person.

The committee will be happy to tell you in more detail about how you can become involved. There are lots of ways you can contribute and you can choose to give as much or as little time/help as you can. The good thing is you don't need any experience to make a difference.

We meet once a term, posters of when and where we hold the meetings can be found on the parent notice boards at each site.

Please speak to any member of staff or the committee if you are interested in joining us.

We look forward to meeting you!

Chair - Layla Winter

Secretary - Simona Ainsworth

Treasurer - Alison Tate

Fundraising- Katie Shepherd and Kate Burt

Publicity- Liz Tomes