Woolley Road first session check list

Please remember to bring:-

  • A pair of slippers – named
  • A warm waterproof coat – named
  • A bag with nappies or pants, wipes, nappy sacks and disposable gloves. Spare named clothes.

Please remember to label your child’s coat, shoes and slippers.

Drop off

We open at 8.50am please wait outside in the playground socially distanced, wearing a face covering, until a member of staff opens the door.
Please encourage your child to hang their bags up on the pegs.
Please encourage your child to take their coat off and hang it on top of their bags.

Pick up time

50, Woolley road sessions are:
Morning session 8.50am – 11.50pm,
Lunch 11.50pm -12.20pm
Afternoon session 12.20pm – 3.20pm

Please wait outside playgroup in the playground, socially distance wearing a face covering. Staff will hand your children over to you to ensure that they are with an authorised adult.

If you have any problems picking up your child please ring 07729353802.

Please ensure that staff know who is picking up your child and have their contact details.

If you need access during pre-school hours and the gates are locked please use the doorbell located on the letter box. Press the button and wait for a member of staff to speak to you.

Phone numbers Katy 07792353802 and 07789737417