Guide to our Playgroup

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Fees Information

The Playgroup is a registered charity, supported by set fees, the Nursery Education Scheme, fundraising and donations. The funds cover the costs of employing the staff and providing appropriate equipment, as well as maintaining and renting the buildings, garden and outdoors play area.

Currently children are eligible for up to 15 hours of free Nursery Education places from the first term after their 3rd birthday. The cut off dates are as follows:

  • 3 before 31st August, eligible for funding from 1st September
  • 3 before 31st December, eligible for funding from 1st January
  • 3 before 31st March, eligible for funding from 1st April

Please note, these cut off dates are set by the government and are irrespective of actual term dates.

Before that, or if you choose to redeem these places elsewhere, our new rate from September will be:

  • £11.00 per session for children below government funded age
  • £12.00 per session for children eligible for government funding, but who choose to pay.

Some children who are 2 years of age may be eligible for 15 hours of funding please see the parent’s notice board for further information.

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