Parents’ WhatsApp Group

Matlock Pre-school Playgroup offers a WhatsApp group for parents and carers. 

This is intended as a forum to provide communication from the Committee to parents and carers and to remind them about events and activities, as well as to create a social network for parents to get to know each other. 

We want you all to get the best out of the group and feel happy to use it to chat informally as well as find and share information. 

If you are interested in joining please download the consent form from the link below and return to either: or hand back to a member of staff.

Our terms of use guidelines:

The Pre-School and Committee have compiled some simple house rules to help make it a safe and friendly place to be where everyone feels comfortable to join in.

Some points to note:

  • The group is run by the Committee and the Pre-School Manager for parents and carers. It should not replace or substitute communication by or with Pre-school for relevant matters.
  • The posts in the group chat are opinions of the individuals, not the group as a whole and not those of the Pre-school. 
  • The group is intended for the parents and carers of children across both sites of the Pre-school.

Please do use the chat for (but not limited to):

  • Getting to know other parents and carers
  • Immediate questions Pre-school events, term dates, deadlines etc
  • Reminders about Pre-school and Committee events – e.g. meeting times, bake sale dates, donations for Pre-school activities
  • Lost property notices
  • Sharing and swapping relevant stuff – e.g. toys, costumes for dressing up days etc.
  • Relevant community notices – e.g. family events in the local area that may be of interest
  • Sharing information about Pre-school that may be useful to others e.g. dates of events, term dates etc

Please do not use the chat for:

  • Complaints about any aspect of the Pre-school. The Pre-school has a complaints policy and procedure that should be followed if you have any complaints.
  • Posting private information about your child e.g. medical records, Pre-school reports or comments on other people’s children
  • Posting ANY photos or videos of the children. In order to safeguard our children, and on request of the management, please do not publish photos/videos of children to the WhatsApp group, however well intentioned, as some parents do not consent to images of their children being published on social media.

Remember you can always send the Pre-School Manager a direct email if you don’t want your message to be public at

You can also email the Manager if you are concerned about the content of any post you see on the WhatsApp group.

Keeping our group a safe and friendly place to be: 

On behalf of Matlock Pre-school Playgroup Committee, the Manager will review all posts. 

It might sound obvious but remember that when you publish a post, everyone in the group will be able to see it and you are legally responsible for any content you post or share. 

A good tip is to only post comments you would feel comfortable saying to someone in person.

Rude or inappropriate posts, offensive language and comments that are likely to provoke, attack or offend others will not be tolerated. The Manager will contact anyone who uses the forum inappropriately and offenders may be removed from the group.

  • Do not post adverts, religious or motivational ‘memes’, political statements or anything that may be deemed offensive – this includes racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive remarks – or is irrelevant to the group’s community.
  • Please remember that any other ‘unofficial’ parent WhatsApp groups are not the responsibility of Matlock Pre-school Playgroup
  • Please remember that any messages or images etc. that are added to this group chat, like any social media, are in the public domain, so we request you are mindful of what you post.
  • When you no longer have children at the Pre-school you will be removed from the group.

Permissions will be sought in order for parents and carers to be added to the group. 

We hope that all parents and carers who are not yet part of the WhatsApp group will decide to join – for it to be truly successful, it should span entire parent community!